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​We are funded by Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services

Certified/Licensed by the State of Department of Health Care Services.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What population do you serve?

Children with Medi-Cal ages 0-21 with a serious and persistent mental illness, as well as Adults who suffer from a serious and persistent mental illness or are in crisis

​Gio Rodriguez, State Director

(562) 467-5440

Does the referral party receive feedback after the referral?

Yes, the referral source will receive a disposition notice via fax informing them of the outcome of the referral.​

How do I refer a client for services?

Complete and return (fax or mail) the referral form. For child and adolescent referrals, if possible, please have a parent or guardian sign the referral form prior to returning it to College Community Services.​​

Who needs to attend the appointments?

The initial appointment must be attended by the client, and if the client is under 18 years old, a parent/legal guardian must also attend.​

What type of services does College Community Services offer?

Individual and family therapy sessions
In-home case management
Therapeutic behavior services (TBS), which are intense behavioral coaching services
Psychiatric services, including prescription medicine
School based social skills groups
Substance Abuse Treatment
Crisis Interventions​

How do school officials receive feedback regarding their students?

a. The case managers will contact the teachers via telephone or message card once they are assigned the client
b. After every social skills groups, the group facilitators will leave a message card for the teacher in their box, which will inform the teacher of the client’s behavior and topic of the group.​